Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Fluid’s RTLS solution operates as an enhanced GPS for your organizations indoors. Monitor movement and positioning and manage access for a safer, more secure environment. RTLS enables your organization to automate and digitize tasks and workflows for greater efficiencies and ROI.

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RTLS Benefits

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Greater ROI

  • Reduced manual tasks save thousands of hours in labour.
  • Optimize asset utilization by tracking usage of assets reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Reduce expenditures on assets required for organizational needs with usage monitoring and analytics.

Drive Efficiency

  • Automated data capture and inventory/asset tracking create more efficient workflows.
  • Track and allocate people and equipment resources in real-time, with enhanced communication and navigation capabilities.
  • Enhance daily operations with real-time data feeds and analytics.  
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Enhanced Safety & Security

  • Implement anti-theft solutions and tailor user-specific permissions for everyone/thing on-site.
  • Immediate SOS messaging as per monitoring requirements with dynamic navigation messaging.
  • Attendance monitoring for ensure everyone is where they need to be and can be located in case of emergency.
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Map indoor space in detail.

Track, monitor, and manage people and assets in realtime.

Support policy enforcement and record people/asset movement across your facilities.


Navigation and monitoring with 2d and 3d maps.

Route optimization for destination and assets.

Request additional permissions, review permissions, and more.

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RTLS - Use Cases

photo of a worker in an aerial lift holding wires

Cable Control System

Cable Control Systems is a leading Canadian contractor specializing in underground, above ground, indoor and outdoor infrastructure cable services for the telecom and utility industries. 

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U.S. Government

The use of RTLS are providing new benefits to the public. Governments are improving safety and security outcomes, higher quality goods, lower prices, greater convenience, and faster response times – all through RTLS.

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LDK Seniors’ Living

LDK Seniors’ Living is a leading provider of aged care services in Australia. They use Fluid Mobility’s RTLS (Real-Time Location System) with Cisco Meraki Access Points.

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Spartan Nash

Spartan Nash is a leading food manufacturer and distributor in the US, serving over 2,100 independent grocery retail locations and 44 states. Spartan Nash has coupled with Fluid Mobility and Ivanti MDM.

RTLS - Solutions


Leveraging Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS), Fluid can implement a lightweight technology solution nearly instantly, at a fraction of the cost, more hardware intensive efficiency and ROI-generating solutions cost. 

Fluid builds out its RTLS solution around the business requirements of your dealership to ensure your assets are locatable, while also enhancing the sales experience for both dealers and customers alike – driving efficiency and ROI across your business.

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RTLS Drives security with a wealth of capabilities. Optimize routes for safety and speed, trace whereabouts of cargo, inventory, and equipment. Have a dynamic overview of your entire organizations production flow in real-time.

  • Monitor operator proximity to equipment.
  • Implement anti-theft solutions.
  • Add user-specific zones for everyone on-site. 
  • Monitor bulk movement of cargo, log, and audit inventory.
  • Implement new business practices from data insights.
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RTLS enhances wander management capabilities, ensuring high-risk patients cannot leave geo-specific areas without alerting staff. Patients can be located and provided for promptly with geo-tags and RFID badges. 

  • Geo-specific monitoring alerts staff. 
  • Patient monitoring. 
  • Tracking patient numbers and care needs.
  • Implementing tracking solutions for hospital beds.
  • Guaranteeing health and safety standards are met, with responsive, informed care.
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RTLS can be used in construction to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity on construction sites. Gain valuable insights into your operations that can inform decision-making and drive better outcomes.

  • Employee check-in and movement monitoring.
  • Track the location and movements of heavy equipment.
  • Track tools and materials on a construction site. 
  • Improving efficiency by reducing the risk of injury.
photo of people's hands and arms at a desk with papers, laptops and a tablet.


RTLS offers amazing benefits that result in functionality improvements due to the increased information they provide in comparison with earlier technologies. They enhance visibility while optimizing operations.

  • Identify fire hazards, over capacity, social distancing and more in real-time.
  • Enhanced security dispatching capabilities.
  • Enhance the safety and security of corporations’ facilities, assets and personnel, preventing theft, loss and accidents.
  • Improve the customer experience and satisfaction of corporations’ clients, by providing faster and more accurate service and delivery.
  • Support the sustainability and social responsibility of corporations, by reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption.
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RTLS provides visibility over government processes, activities, or outcomes helping identify the efficacy of policies and programs. We provide valuable insights and intelligence for government decision makers and planners, with real-time data feeds and analytics.

  • Location based trends, patterns, or scenarios.
  • Inventory/asset tracking. 
  • Optimize utilization and allocation of resources, such as vehicles, equipment, or staff.
  • Monitor authorized and unauthorized personnel.
  • Immediate SOS messaging and attendance monitoring.
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Safety and Security

RTLS achieves new levels of security, safety, and efficiency in your operations – powered by the mobile devices that drive your business. Knowing where assets and people are at any given time and tracking them down instantly is vital for many industries.

  • End-to-End, real-time surveillance and attendance monitoring.
  • Manage equipment permissions. 
  • Environment monitoring
  • Create more efficient workflows.
  • Data driven event monitoring, alarm triggering, and SOS messaging. 
  • Predictive, AI learning identifies safety concerns.