Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Ensure that your organization can track vital equipment in real-time with Fluid’s indoor-Realtime Location System. Create a more efficient work environment while securing your organization against loss and theft with wireless tags. Set mobile device permissions within your building(s) to safeguard trade secrets, confidential information, and better manage the movement of assets – and much, much more!

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) have several benefits, including:

  1. Increased safety: RTLS can help improve safety in various settings by providing real-time location information of assets, people, and equipment. This information can be used to track the movement of people or equipment and ensure that they are in safe areas or following proper safety protocols.
  2. Improved efficiency: RTLS can help organizations improve their efficiency by enabling them to track and manage assets, people, and equipment in real-time. This can lead to better allocation of resources and reduced downtime, resulting in increased productivity.
  3. Enhanced security: RTLS can be used to track the movement of assets, people, and equipment, helping to prevent theft or unauthorized access. It can also be used to monitor and enforce access control, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed in restricted areas.
  4. Cost savings: By improving efficiency and reducing downtime, RTLS can help organizations save money. Additionally, RTLS can help prevent loss or theft of assets, reducing the need for costly replacements or repairs.
  5. Improved customer service: RTLS can be used to track the movement of products or packages, enabling organizations to provide real-time updates to customers on the status of their shipments. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Overall, RTLS can provide organizations with real-time location information, which can help them improve safety, efficiency, security, and customer service, while also saving costs.

Fluid’s real-time locating system identifies and tracks assets within your business in real-time. Fluid empowers your organization to have a comprehensive overview of the movement within your facilities, enabling you to make informed decisions for your organization in real-time. Fluid’s Geofencing secures your facilities against loss and theft with an array of permissions and tagging functions. Set permissions and decide who goes where with virtual Geofences. Real-time visibility allows you to monitor traffic, bottlenecks, and the location of assets, allowing you to adjust on the fly. Find who and what you need within your organization instantly with RTLS.

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