RTLS - Dealership

Leveraging Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS), Fluid can implement a lightweight technology solution nearly instantly, at a fraction of the cost more hardware intensive efficiency and ROI-generating solutions cost. 

Fluid builds out its RTLS solution around the business requirements of your dealership to ensure your assets are locatable, while also enhancing the sales experience for both dealers and customers alike – driving efficiency and ROI across your business. 

Dealership Benefits

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Greater ROI

Efficiency-generating capabilities reduce time and hours wasted on time-intensive activities.

Better informed sales and decreased search times drive customer satisfaction, leading to more sales and better reviews. 

Improved efficiency and location service reduces loss and lowers energy and emissions.

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Improved Inventory Mangament

Know where all on-site KEYS and VEHICLES are.

Dynamic, localized routing to all vehicles.

Efficient, Improved Sales Experience

Dynamic routing to vehicles and keys drastically reduces search times.

Point-of-contact information immediately uploaded to dealers’ mobile devices provide a better-informed sales experience for customers.

Decrease time vehicles spend in dealership for maintenance by using Fluid’s RTLS system to locate cars in maintenance bay/lot. 

Identify any required actions based on service bulletins and maintenance history. 

Enhanced inventory management: Fluid provides accurate and real-time data on the inventory of cars and other assets on-site. Monitor the availability and demand of different models, colors, and features, and adjust their ordering and pricing strategies accordingly.