RTLS - Government

Fluid Mobility’s RTLS solution operates as an enhanced GPS for your organization’s indoors. Monitor movement and positioning and manage access for a safer, more secure environment. RTLS enables your organization to automate and digitize tasks and workflows for greater efficiencies and ROI. 

With Fluid’s RTLS, achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and security, and ROI, all within a customizable RTLS solution tailored to your organization’s unique needs and infrastructure. 

Government Benefits

Drive Efficiencies

  • Automated data capture and inventory/asset tracking create more efficient workflows.
  • Optimize the utilization and allocation of resources, such as vehicles, equipment, or staff, by providing accurate and timely information on their availability and location.
  • Enhance daily operations with real-time data feeds and analytics.  

Enhance Safety and Security

  • Monitor the access and activity of authorized and unauthorized personnel in sensitive areas, alerting authorities of any breaches or anomalies.
  • Immediate SOS messaging as per monitoring requirements with dynamic navigation messaging.
  • Attendance monitoring for people ensure everyone is where they need to be and can be located in case of emergency.


Map indoor space in detail.

Track, monitor, and manage people and assets in realtime.

Support policy enforcement and record people/asset movement across your facilities.


Navigation and monitoring with 2d and 3d maps.

Route optimization for destination and assets.

Request additional permissions, review permissions, and more.