RTLS - Transportation

Real-time geo-based data ensures your transport and logistics operations run efficiently and securely. Through digital tags, sensors, and software, Fluid can ensure a bird-eye view of your entire fleet, both within your facilities and on the road. Fluid’s RTLS service helps mitigate operational issues introduced by an ever-growing, dynamic market.

Fluid’s RTLS services manage fluctuating cargo volumes, track goods and assets, track and itemize containers, and much more, ensuring your organization’s on-site processes maximize ROI, safety, and security potential.

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Transportation Benefits

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Greater ROI

  • Reduced manual tasks save thousands of hours in labour.
  • Optimize asset utilization by tracking usage of assets reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Fluid analytics provide enhanced KPI’s to drive process improvement and innovation.
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Drive Efficiencies

  • Individually tailored policies for containers/equipment/etc. for enhanced management of shipments by moving goods through the necessary logistical channels quickly and efficiently. 
  • Track and allocate people and equipment resources in real-time, with enhanced communication and navigation capabilities.
  • Enhance daily operations with real-time data feeds and analytics.
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Enhance Safety and Security

  • Ensure containers are stored securely, itemized, and geo-tagged, guaranteeing your supply chain and flow of goods is as secure and fluid as possible. 
  • Set access/security policies for high-security/risk areas.
  • Know when, where, and by whom products/assets leave your premises. RFID badges, digital tags, along with integrated MDM services ensure your fleet and assets are safely transported. 
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Map indoor space in detail.

Track, monitor, and manage people and assets in realtime.

Support policy enforcement and record people/asset movement across your facilities.

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Navigation and monitoring with 2d and 3d maps.

Route optimization for destination and assets.

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