About Fluid Mobility

Founded in 2004, Fluid has created a world-class reputation built on delivering efficiency and ROI generating solutions using geo-based data. Whether leveraging just mobile devices or an entire BLE mesh network, Fluid has fully tailorable software solutions to your organization’s hardware footprint. 

With its expansive industry and hands-on knowledge, Fluid is primed to help your organization build out its geo-based data approach from scratch or develop new synergies with your existing technological infrastructure using industry-proven hybrid solutions.

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What We Do

Fluid offers world-class software solutions scalable to most hardware footprints, to ensure geo- and locational-data drive greater efficiencies, security, safety outcomes, and ROI. 

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Why Fluid?

Fluid’s a la carte software and hardware approach enable us to seamlessly integrate our solutions to your organization, regardless of scope of deployment or existing IT infrastructure. 


Partnering with Fluid helps you build a closer relationship with Fluid and its partner ecosystem. Experience world class software service built out from your organization’s mobile devices and hardware ecosystem.

Fluid is committed to a safer and more efficient future for your organization. Just ask some of our partners!

Our Values

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Plug-In and Deploy

For any IT infrastructure

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Geo-Based Solutions

For all industries

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A Safer Future

Built out from mobile devices

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Constantly Evolving

To outpace the market

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Empower People

By eliminating needless tasks

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Drive Greater Efficiencies

With data analytics

Meet Our Team

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Jesse Duggan

President and Chief Revenue Officer

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Michelle Blandford

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan-Soon Shiong

Chief Executive Officer


Ian Donen

Chief Technology Officer

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