Innovative Solutions for Mobile Security

Enhance your existing MDM with customizable software that tracks objects and people in real time.

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Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Streamline your processes with Fluid’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) with data you can action into best practices. A tailored approach to building out RTLS from mobile to; drive new efficiencies, improve safety outcomes, and increase ROI.


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Location Intelligence Solutions (LI)

Visualize and analyze the off-prem spatial data with Fluid’s Location Intelligence Solutions (LI) for actionable business insights. A comprehensive, top-down view of the movement of your organization.


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End-to-End Geo-Spatial Information

Fluid starts with a mobile-centric approach and builds out your geo-info solution according to your requirements and existing infrastructure.

Whether it is complimenting your existing GIS infrastructure with an a la carte solution or building your solution from scratch, Fluid is here to help.

Building out a mobile-centric approach leveraging LI and RTLS provides your organization with end-to-end safety, security, and efficiency capabilities that drive business processes.

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Set up virtual perimeters within your business and ensure that high-value areas are accessed only by those with authorization. Monitor what happens in your business with Location Intelligence. View Geofencing:

  • Protection against loss, theft, and corporate espionage
  • Employee tracking and messaging
  • Asset tracking and positioning – from hospital beds to trucks
  • Wander controls and patient monitoring
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Mobile Expense Managment

Ensure your mobile costs are optimized with Fluid’s Mobile Expense Management platform. With full visibility of spending across your enterprise’s, monitor your mobile financial posture across individuals and departments. View MEM:

  • Proscribed plans
  • Alerts automatically trigger threshold criteria
  • Create and administer mobile expense policies
  • Enhanced auditing and reporting
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About Us

Founded in 2004, Fluid has built a world-class reputation built on delivering efficiency and ROI generating solutions using geo-based data. Whether leveraging just mobile devices or an entire BLE mesh network. We offer:

  • Location Data
  • Greater Efficiencies

  • Security Outcomes

  • Safety Outcomes

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

World-class safety and efficiency solutions for all industries.

Explore Fluid Mobility to get a better understanding of how our solutions fit your industry.

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RTLS in Healthcare

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LI in Logistics

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Geofencing in Corporate

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