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The use of RTLS and RTLS-adjacent technologies are providing new benefits to the public. Governments are realizing improved safety and security outcomes, higher quality goods, lower prices, greater convenience, and faster response times – all through RTLS.

Whether it’s the federal, provincial/state, or local government, Fluid improves accountability while delivering higher levels of service.

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The Problem

47% of organizations cite infrastructure costs as a significant impediment to RTLS adoption. With governments across North America adopting RTLS technologies, this represents a significant number of government agencies that cannot fit essential technology due to budget constraints.

With Fluid’s mobile-centric approach, enjoy the functionality of RTLS at a fraction of the cost. Hardware-agnostic, Fluid is positioned to adapt our solution to your current or future hardware infrastructure to ensure your organization has the coverage required to thrive. 

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Fluid's Solution

Compliance and security are essential for every government organization. Both on- and off- prem pose unique, significant safety and security threats that Fluid mitigates, all from the power of mobile devices. 

Using Fluid’s RTLS solution, the US Department of State has deployed geofences around embassies to limit device functionality outside of the geofence, thereby securing the device against theft and ensuring compliance for all Department of State employees. 

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Enable and control for classified information access within pre-defined geofences; remove permissions when employee exits geofence. 

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Real-time track-and-trace enable real-time location information on staff and personnel operating in any environment.

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Monitor the real-time location of valuable assets such as fleet vehicles and equipment.

Agencies Leveraging RTLS and RTLS-Hardware See

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Increased Security

50% pie graph

Increased Asset Visibility

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Increased Speed of Operation

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Increased Data Integrity

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Reduced Cost of Operation

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Reduced Cost of Inventory


of Gov organizations leverage RTLS to control for access.


of Gov organizations plan on implementing RTLS for Asset Management, Inventory Control or Supply Chain Logistics.

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The Fluid Difference

The Fluid Mobility GPS mobile application is a powerful tool that allows you to access and manage your devices on the highly secure government network, whether they are online or offline. It uses a patented technology that synchronizes the device data and the MDM policies with the cloud server whenever a connection is available, ensuring that your devices are always compliant and secure.