Location Intelligence (LI)

Fluid’s Location Intelligence (LI) provisions your organization with comprehensive visibility of the geospatial data across your organization. With unheralded geo-based analytical insights, your organization will make informed business decisions driven by geospatial data – whether in real time or planning ahead.

With Fluid Mobility’s LI, increase ROI, drive new levels of efficiency, and enjoy enhanced safety and security outcomes, all within a customizable LI solution built out from your mobile devices and tailored to your organization’s unique needs and infrastructure.

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Location Intelligence Benefits

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Greater ROI

  • Reduced manual tasks save thousands of hours in labour.
  • Optimize asset utilization by tracking usage of assets reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Geospatial analytics turn your organization’s geo-data into actionable insights for greater business outcomes.

Drive Efficiency

  • Identify bottlenecks and workflow inefficiencies within your workspace.
  • Track and allocate people and equipment resources in real-time, with enhanced communication and navigation capabilities, whether on- or off -prem.
  • Geo-specific messaging between on- and off-prem staff and customers reduce runtimes.
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Enhanced Safety & Security

  • Implement anti-theft solutions and tailor user-specific permissions for everyone/thing on-site.
  • Single, real-time security dashboard provide comprehensive oversight across your organization. 
  • Attendance monitoring ensures everyone is where they need to be and can be located in case of emergencies.
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People Focused Dashboards

  • Combine your organization’s requirements with a people-oriented approach using mobile devices as sensors.
  • Identify bottlenecks and monitor behaviour.
  • Dispatch and make informed decisions with real-time geo-spatial feeds.
  • Real-time data visualizations with mobile and IOT feeds.
  • Real-time analytics derived from layered, location-specific data to reveal unique business insights.
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Built Out By Mobile

  • Relay geo-data alerts to management in real-time.
  • Administer geo-specific tasks such as messaging, alerts, or unique permissions.
  • Point of Contact capabilities reduce paper footprint and digitize workflows.
  • Geocode logs relay how devices interact with places, providing management with additional oversight capabilities.

LI - Solutions

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Government organizations require accurate, data-based insights to make informed decisions and policies. Data-driven insights strengthen Government’s ability by empowering decision making across every area of government with location-derived geodata.

  • Secure mobile applications by time, country arrival or even an airpot.
  • Optimize services in climate-vulnerable areas.
  • Resource management and delivery in emergency situations.
  •  Increase citizen engagement and satisfaction by delivering better public services.
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With LI Logistics vehicles, location, sensors, personnel, weather, and traffic become data points for your organization to leverage. Fluid’s LI solution rapidly ingests data from logistics networks to provision your organization with actionable business insights from location-based analytics.

  • Save thousands of hours in labour.
  • Optimize routes in real-time.
  • Ingest, aggregate, and analyze data sources. 
  • Implement anti-theft solutions and tailor user-specific permissions.
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Safety, Security & Efficiency

Knowing where resources (i.e., assets and people) are at any given time and tracking them down instantly is vital for many industries. With Fluid’s LI, achieve new levels of security, efficiency, safety in your operations – powered by the mobile devices that drive your business. 

  • Detect anomalies in security data and processes.
  • Optimize movement.
  • Abnormal data monitoring.
  • Predictive, AI learning identifies safety concerns.