RTLS - Corporate

Fluid’s RTLS solution provisions your corporate office with real-time visibility into the location of employees and visitors across your premises and buildings. Boost employee productivity and collaboration through real-time location. Make your Smart Buildings intelligent, with real-time visibility and data analytics derived from location. 

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Corporate Benefits

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Drive Efficiencies

  • Automate attendance checking with point-of-entry clock-in. 
  • Track and allocate people and equipment resources in real-time, with enhanced communication and navigation capabilities.
  • Enhance daily operations with real-time data feeds and analytics.  
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Enhance Safety and Security

  • Distribution and location of security guards and each employee or visitor’s location can be monitored in real time, enabling efficient security dispatching in case of emergency.
  • Identify fire hazards, over capacity, social distancing and more in real-time. 
  • Cordone areas with digital Geofences, triggering alarms when breached. 
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Map indoor space in detail.

Track, monitor, and manage people and assets in realtime.

Support policy enforcement and record people/asset movement across your facilities.

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Navigation and monitoring with 2d and 3d maps.

Route optimization for destination and assets.

Request additional permissions, review permissions, and more.