LDK – Empowering Long-term Care

LDK Seniors’ Living is a leading provider of aged care services in Australia. They use Fluid Mobility’s RTLS (Real-Time Location System) with Cisco Meraki Access Points, a MQQT server, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags to improve their operations and enhance the quality of care for their residents.

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The Problem

With their patients’ safety and security, which is central to LDK’s world-class care, real-time visibility to monitoring patients (particularly at-risk patients) and equipment is integral to their mission. 

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Fluid's Solution

Fluid’s RTLS system enables LDK to track and position people and assets inside their facilities using BLE tags that communicate with the Meraki Access Points. LDK’s MQQT server collects and processes data collected from the tags and access points before sending it to Fluid’s platform for processing and analysis. 

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RTLS Solutions

LDK can monitor the location, movement, and activity of their residents, staff, and equipment whilst empowering the safety and security of their residents. Fluid’s RTLS helps LDK prevent falls and wandering patients, optimize staff workflows and resource allocation, and reduce costs and losses associated with misplaced or stolen assets. The system also enables LDK to provide personalized and proactive care for their residents, based on their preferences, needs and behavioral patterns. Fluid’s RTLS system also provides feedback and recommendations on how to improve the residents’ health outcomes, well-being and quality of life. 

Fluid integrates with Eevi, a popular messaging platform based out of Australia, enabling Eevi to send geofencing and emergency alerts to workers based on their or patient’s location and situation. 

Solution Highlights

  • Increase patient health and safety with wander management, fall/distress reporting, and dynamic pathing for personnel.  
  • Keep residents from accessing out-of-bound areas.
  • Optimize resource and equipment allocation while reducing wear and tear, misuse, and theft. 
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The Results

Fluid scaled its solution to LDK’s existing hardware infrastructure, utilizing Meraki points supplemented by Fluid’s BLE tag provider. Because of this, LDK enjoyed a fully-fledged RTLS-mesh network that enhanced the safety and security of LDK’s premises and people almost instantly. 

Through connecting clients and patients to new services, Fluid helped LDK achieve.

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The Fluid Difference

Australia was a market Fluid already had a presence in. Because of Fluid’s familiarity with the Australian IT sphere, Fluid managed to integrate Eevi messaging capabilities into its initial service offering. With a tailored approach to every solution delivery, Fluid ensures its service suits your organization and vertical, with minimal interference for your people.