Geo-fences enable your organization to set access/security policies for high-security/risk areas. Know when, where, and by whom products/assets leave your premises. RFID badges, digital tags, along with integrated MDM services ensure your fleet and assets are safely transported, alerting management and relevant workers to any safety hazards, security breaches, storage safety, service delays, and more.

Fluid’s Geofencing solution is part of our LI package. Detect, locate, and characterize Cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices within a pre-set, monitored area. Geofencing is a unique, state-of-the-art wireless threat management system which arms security personnel with precise cellular, Bluetooth, and 802.11 Wi-Fi device detection and tracking capabilities. Geofencing ensures security requirements to detect, locate, and, if necessary, manage, unauthorized cell phones and/or 802.11 Wi-Fi activities within their facilities and presents information to security personnel in an intuitive, graphic, situational awareness display. Tailor permission access to any part of your onsite business, or limit device functionality to drive security and worker efficiency.

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