Deploy virtual perimeters across the physical spaces that comprise your areas of operations to define who, what, and how people, things, and spaces interact. Using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data, preprogrammed actions are automatically triggered when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits the geofence, driving safety and efficiency outcomes.

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Geofencing Benefits

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Set Policies

  • Limit app/device functionality within geofences.
  • Set geo-specific rules and instructions.
  • Build out processes tailored to specific locational compliance requirements.


  • Monitor devices for non-essential activity. 
  • Ensure business processes and instructions are followed and Monitor employee compliance to processes and local regulations. 
  • Generate location history tracked devices for location reports. 
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  • Geo-specific device actions such as messaging templates reduce runtimes. 
  • Dispatch additional instructions as required.
  • Create new business insights for continuous process improvement. 

Solid Solutions

  • Engage with customers, staff, and assets with messaging that is relevant and timely to place and time. 
  • Hyper-targeted messaging by place drives engagement with your product/service and processes.
  • Data analytics on how PLACES perform and which has the highest engagement. Analyze traffic patterns, stay durations, and more, for a comprehensive view of your process effectiveness. 
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Fluid Reports

Acquire an intimate knowledge of the places that form your business. Generate reports to monitor and understand the behaviour and performance of the people and assets that comprise your business. With Fluid Reports, identify patterns within your geofences to:

  • Optimize mobile fleet performance.
  • Optimize people and asset resources within places, ensuring your organization has the end-to-end expertise it requires. 
  • Reduce costs and increase ROI – and more!
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Mobile Centric Approach

  • Fluid builds your geofences through mobile, making hardware optional.
  • Select real-world places and geofence perimeters with GPS or RFID-enabled software.
  • Trigger MDM policies and events to protect and secure your mobile devices.
  • Events are triggered once a device enters or exits the geofence. 
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AI/Machine Learning

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Geofence Hardware

Fluid leverages mobile device management (MDM) to create geofences. Admins can create geofence policies for your organization’s devices to ensure they perform how your organization requires them to. 

Enhance visibility and capabilities with a hardware deployment tailored to your organizational infrastructure:

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Rapid Deployment

Ensures your organization gets better ROI, safety, and efficiency outcomes INSTANTLY. 

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AI Learning and Analytics

Drive insights, enabling your organization to adapt on the fly and plan ahead.

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Fully Customizable

Ensuring our solution is tailored to your requirements, saving you money. 

Geofencing - Solutions

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Geofencing presents a range of capabilities to empower your fleet. Geofencing offers enhanced tracking capabilities, with alerts tailored to your organization’s needs – to improve scheduling and track asset usage. 

  • Geofences automatically adjust lighting and appliances.
  • Ensure people and assets are in-place.
  • Create location-specific security policies and privileges anywhere, anytime.


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Geofencing systems have become essential to providing a safer healthcare service with excellent response times. Fluid’s geofencing service enables your organization to identify potential emergency events. 

  • Automated messaging personalized to visitors and patients. 
  • Track and allocate people and equipment resources in real-time.
  • Prevent wandering of at-risk patients, potential theft and more.
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Visualize your workspace and create digital maps rich with geospatial data. Locate assets, provide navigation and monitor the flow of people within your manufacturing hubs, all while generating geospatial insights.

  • Reduce maintenance expenditures with a data-driven view.
  • Track the flow of resources across the production process in real-time.
  • Create a geofence and access and control your entire security infrastructure.