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Fluid’s real-time location system (RTLS) is powered by mobile devices and enhanced from by a flight of hardware options that together form an all-in-one platform serving multiple indoor tracking use cases –from asset tracking and material flow to employee location tracking, Fluid has your organization, assets, and employees covered!

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Puck and Coin

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Pucks/coins can be placed on equipment or people requiring precise location data. Fixed tags, known as anchors, are secured along the walls of buildings. These anchors serve as resistant reference points, making it possible to determine a person’s or object’s precise position.

Beacons transmit unique identifiers and sensor data at regular intervals using BLE signals, enabling organizations to monitor the location of assets or people, analyze historical data, and make informed decisions based on geolocation data.

Mobile Features

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Visualize data from feeds

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Track and navigate

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Scanning capabilities for digital workflows

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Geo-based messaging templates

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Historical geo and usage data

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RTLS Technology

The range of real-time location systems greatly differ depending on the underlying RF technology and type of deployments. The range required for a RTLS also strongly varies based on the deployment environment and individual customers’ needs and desired use cases. 

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), FLUID Mesh and Quuppa AOA are technologies leveraged to deploy RTLS solutions. BLE provides connectivity within a specific zone, FLUID Mesh offers room-level coverage, while Quuppa excels with precision accuracy, measuring objects within millimeters even on different floors.

Depending on budget and requirements, Fluid is here to help your organization make sense of what technologies they need

RF Technology Comparison

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