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Spartan Nash is a leading food manufacturer and distributor in the US, serving over 2,100 independent grocery retail locations and 44 states. With such a large and diverse operation, Spartan Nash needs to ensure that its mobile devices are secure, compliant, and efficient. 

Spartan Nash has coupled with Fluid Mobility and Ivanti MDM, a powerful combination of solutions that allows them to manage their mobile devices remotely.

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The Problem

Given the often-far-flung nature of Spartan Nash’s services, dynamic mobile device policies were required to apply policies by time and location by deploying geofences to better support their remote workers. 

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Fluid's Solution

This solution gives Spartan Nash the flexibility and security they need to run their business smoothly and safely. They can optimize their mobile device usage, reduce costs and risks, and improve productivity and customer service.

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Geofencing Solutions

Fluid Mobility and Ivanti MDM enable Spartan Nash to apply policies to their mobile devices based on geofencing, time and location. This means that they can control which applications are available or restricted on the devices depending on where they are and when they are used, driving productivity. 

Fluid’s solution also has a SOS button and duress messaging and emergency service contacting in case of worker emergency. 

For example, if a device leaves a warehouse or a store, the device can automatically lock or wipe itself to guard against unauthorized access/misuse. 

Solution Highlights

  • SOS and duress messaging, with dynamic pathing to workers. 
  • Drive productivity by limiting unnecessary app functionality. 
  • Drive security by locking organizational data and more when off-prem or off-the-clock. 
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The Results

Using a mobile-only solution, Fluid managed to drive efficiency at Spartan Nash through leveraging intuitive MDM policies. With Fluid’s mobile solution, Spartan Nash’s mobile devices truly work and run for them, yielding improved outcomes across safety and security and efficiency.