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Cable Control Systems is a leading Canadian contractor specializing in underground, above ground, indoor and outdoor infrastructure cable services for the telecom and utility industries. 

CCS’s commitment to safety necessitates the implementation of world-class safety systems to meet the regulatory standards and best practices set out by IHSA, CSA, WSIB, EUSA, OHSA and Canada Labour Code.

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Fluid is a key part of CCS’s commitment to safety excellence. Fluid Mobility ensures that every vehicle undergoes a safety check before leaving the yard, as required by the driver’s license. This protects both the public and the driver from potential hazards. 

With Fluid, drivers can spend more time on the road and less time in the shop or dealing with traffic violations. Fluid also provides driving alerts to help drivers follow the speed limit and respect the safety of the communities where CCS operates.

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The Problem

With people and assets performing rugged, intensive manual work with heavy equipment and powerlines, CCS’s line of work is fraught with safety concerns. From excavators, fibre optics installation vehicles, and power tools, CCS has a diverse range of equipment and assets with unique maintenance and usage requirements. 

Providing hydro excavation, fiber services, and construction services, CCS has employees often working isolated in remote locations across rural Canada. Being able to monitor the environment and wellbeing of individual workers to provisioning them with up-to-date information is essential to CCS providing a safe, reliable service. 

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Fluid's Solution

Upon reviewing CCS’s requirements, Fluid provided an Advanced Vehicle Location (AVL) service, as well as mobile-powered GPS services. With Fluid’s AVL and geo-info solution, CCS can better manage and monitor their fleet, improve customer service, and reduce their operational costs significantly. 

Fluid and CCS

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Fluid Mobility’s AVL system allows Cable Control Systems to track the real-time location, speed, and status of their vehicles and technicians, enabling them to assign the closest and most suitable resources to each job, monitor their performance, and ensure their safety.

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Fluid Mobility’s mobile device GPS service allows Cable Control Systems to communicate with their technicians via smartphones or tablets, send them work orders, directions, and updates, collect data and feedback, and generate reports and invoices.

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Fluid Mobility’s cloud-based platform integrates with Cable Control Systems’ existing software and hardware, providing them with a user-friendly interface, secure data storage, and analytics tools.

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Fluid Mobility’s solutions are scalable, customizable, and cost-effective, allowing Cable Control Systems to adapt to changing customer needs, changing industry standards, and market conditions.

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The Fluid Difference

  • Helps supervisors locate crews that work at multiple sites.
  • Deters abuse of vehicles
  • Easily locate equipment or recover stolen equipment.
  • Fluid supports time sheet accurately.
  • Monitor speeds on vehicles and used in case of traffic court with actual ECM data.