Fluid Mobile Expense Management

Mobile Expense Management (MEM) empowers your business by maintaining accurate financial records, enabling you to make business decisions informed by data.

With MEM, gain full control over your employees’ spending, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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MEM Benefits

This innovative solution allows you to track employee data usage by app, both domestically and while roaming. Tariff monitoring tailored to specific geographic zones additionally optimizes cost management, too. 

By implementing MEM, you can streamline expenses, identify cost-saving opportunities, and maintain a clear overview of your company’s mobile expenditures. Stay ahead of the game and take charge of your financial records with MEM!

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Automated Mobile Expense Management

  • Proscribed plans in-network and control for roaming data usage;
  • Alerts automatically trigger when employees reach or exceed threshold criteria;
  • Action devices accordingly when data usage is exceeded. Specific alerts and messages are automatically triggered to user.
  • Tailor management alerts as employees approach spend thresholds, action, message, and report accordingly.
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Create and administer mobile expense policies informed by data analytics, improving reporting efficiency and overall ROI.

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Enhanced auditing and reporting from Fluid’s platform ensures your organization maintains control of its mobile expenses with a user-friendly reporting solution.

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Identify and implement cost saving measures across your mobile device infrastructure according to best practices and organization-specific usage analytics.

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Identify mobile infrastructure costreduction opportunities with “rightsizing” with FLUID analytics.

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Compliant anywhere, anytime with accountability and transparency wherever you do business.

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Integrate expense reporting, billing, accounting and more into a single reporting solution.

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Fluid’s solution monitors compliance in real-time – so that you don’t have to, freeing up staff and resources for more rewarding work.

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Customizable workflows and workflow approvals across teams and departments for all expenses and budget lines.

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Track and calculate mileage expenses with google maps reporting. Assign mileage expenses across commonly traversed locations.

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Seamless integration between mobile device expenditures and credit card expenditure data for a clearer $ picture.