LI - Safety, Security & Efficiency

Knowing where resources (i.e., assets and people) are at any given time and tracking them down instantly is vital for many industries. With Fluid Mobility’s LI, achieve new levels of security, efficiency, safety in your operations – powered by the mobile devices that drive your business. 

FLUID provides a fully customizable LI framework that is tailorable to the unique requirements of your organization and industry. 

Safety, Security and Efficiency Benefits

Enhanced Security

  • Detect anomalies in security data and processes with both human and machine oversight. 
  • Manage equipment permissions, ensuring assets are where they are needed when they are needed. 
  • Attendance monitoring ensure everyone is where they need to be and can be located in case of an emergency.

Improved Efficiencies

  • Optimize movement with navigation and maps powered by location-aware analytics.
  • Calculate drive-times, identify, and rank priorities, and ensure your people and assets are idle. 
  • Drive collaboration, communication, and manage with digitized data feeds, ensuring data and information is accessible in real time

Safer Environments

  • Abnormal data monitoring, alarm triggering, and SOS messaging. 
  • Predictive, AI learning identifies safety concerns before they occur and action accordingly.
  • Accurate mobile device location pinpoints security alerts, administers check-in messaging, and sends location instantly. 

Meter Precision

Enhanced Security

Improved Lead Times

Mobile Powered

LI – Safety, Security, Efficiency

Interlaying Data Set by Location

Enables organizations to approach challenges holistically and uncover new business solutions

Convert Data

Actionable business insights empower decision-making in real-time, or for the future.

Simplify Data Flows

Driving collaboration and reduce errors across your organization.

Control Access

Control content and services across your mobile fleet, ensuring your devices work for your organization. 


Control of all aspects of your IT infrastructure – on- and off- premises.

Reduce Lead Times

Automating and digitizing applicable tasks within your company.