LI - Logistics

With Fluid Mobility’s Location Intelligence solution, vehicles, location, sensors, personnel, weather, and traffic become data points for your organization to leverage. Fluid Mobility’s LI solution rapidly ingests data from logistics networks to provision your organization with actionable business insights from location-based analytics. 

See why the world’s largest logistics organizations rely on LI real-time analytics and capabilities to optimize operation

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Logistics Benefits

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Greater ROI

  • Reduced manual tasks save thousands of hours in labour.
  • Predictive maintenance analytics reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Dynamic routing and automated messaging based on location reduce idling and delivery times, saving your org. time. money. 
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Drive Efficiencies

  • Ingest, aggregate, and analyze data sources such as fleet POS data and RFIDs in real time to identify gaps, and ensure demand is continually met.
  • Optimize routes in real-time, perform shortest-path analysis, and action multiple pickup and drop-off requests.
  • Geo-specific messaging between on- and off-prem staff and customers reduce runtimes.
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Enhance Safety and Security

  • Implement anti-theft solutions and tailor user-specific permissions for everyone/thing on-site.
  • Single, real-time security dashboard provide comprehensive oversight across your organization. 
  • Visualize fleet operations in real-time, ensuring assets are on schedule and where they are supposed to be.
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Relay to management in real-time.

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Messaging, alerts, or unique permissions.

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POC capabilities

Reduce paper footprint and digitize workflows.

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Geo-code logs

Relay how devices interact with places.

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A Fluid Approach to Location Data

Fluid Mobility builds out its LI approach through mobile. With the number of devices generating data for decision makers is higher than it has ever been, FLUID ensures organizations cut down on transportation costs (whether maintenance, time/labour, or gas), optimize its supply/logistical chains, and allocates resources according to people and space’s needs. All powered by mobile devices and Fluid Mobility’s software.

People Focused Dashboards

  • Combine your organization’s requirements with a people-oriented approach using mobile devices as sensors. 
  • Monitor behaviour
  • Dispatch and make informed decisions with real-time geo-spatial feeds.
  • Real-time data visualizations with mobile and IOT feeds.
  • Real-time analytics derived from layered, location-specific data to reveal unique business insights.