Geofencing - Corporate

Geofences are digital areas of interest overlaid physical spaces. Geofences use data to detect the spatial events, enforce unique policies, and monitor processes within a specified area in real-time. 

Geofences archive event data in from your services and processes, enriching future events with data analytics that drive business decisions, all while ensuring your spaces are secure, monitored, and accessible.

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Corporate Benefits

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Greater ROI

  • Geofences automatically adjust lighting and appliances, resulting in energy savings and maintenance costs.
  • Manage working hours and attendance by monitoring and reviewing time spent on-site by employees.
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Drive Efficiencies

  • Ensure people and assets are in-place. 
  • Track the flow of resources across the production process in real-time, ensuring they remain within their work- and production- flows.
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Enhance Safety and Security

  • Create location-specific security policies and privileges anywhere, anytime. 
  • Enable/disable app/device functionality by time or place. 
  • Real-time information sharing and navigation during security incidents.