Geofencing – Manufacturing Case Study

Visualize your workspace and create digital maps rich with geospatial data. Locate assets, provide navigation and monitor the flow of people within your manufacturing hubs, all while generating geospatial insights to empower your organization for the future. Geofences provision your organization with valuable data insights. Better plan maintenance by gathering utilization date for equipment, ensuring the equipment essential to your organization is in good working order. Geofences also ensure all the equipment and assets in a geofence are trackable, letting your operators find the equipment they need quickly. Drive ROI through the increased efficiencies geofences provide, with a more streamlined, secured service.

Geofences enable your organization to set access/security policies for high-security/risk areas. Set-up geofences for your entire area of operations, thus creating a digitally monitored secure zone. Know when, where, and by whom products/assets leave geofences, with RFID badges, digital tags, along with integrated MDM services ensure your fleet and assets are safely transported, alerting management and relevant workers to any safety hazards, security breaches, storage safety, service delays, and more. Investing in geofencing drastically cuts down theft issues and equipment wear and tear, thus reducing manufacturers’ insurance costs.

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