Geofencing – Transportation Case Study

Geofencing presents a range of capabilities to empower your fleet. Geofencing offers enhanced vehicle tracking capabilities, with alerts tailored to your organization’s needs. Administer alerts when vehicles enter and depart designated boundaries – Geofences – to improve scheduling and track asset usage. Leveraging Geofences for auto-statuses of assets ensures total visibility of your fleet and assets, from origin to destination.

With improved visibility, your organization will offer an improved customer service. Dynamic reporting on delivery status via auto-statusing ensures customers and dispatch are kept up-to-date on an item’s status, thereby improving proactiveness and planning for your organization.

Automatic Vehicle Logging devices provide granular levels of data, allowing management to identify detention time issues. Identify average wait and idle times for locations, identify any discrepancies amongst your operators, and address accordingly. Logistics organizations across North America are leveraging LI to address detention time and associated services and cost impacts.

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