Geofencing – Healthcare Case Study

Geofencing systems have become essential to providing a safer healthcare service with excellent response times. Fluid’s geofencing service enables your organization to identify potential emergency events. The geofencing service provided by Fluid gives your organization a comprehensive line of sight over the care locations you operate, allowing you to respond to emergency events quickly and intelligently, thanks to directional and data capabilities. Fluid’s Geofencing ensures that patient : staff ratios are safe, while also allowing your organization to set different geographic permissions across thousands of microenvironments throughout your facilities. Fluid’s Geofencing helps secure expensive medical equipment with raised security alerts, ensuring your critical assets are safe, in working order, and found promptly.

Reduce the administrative workload placed on staff while increasing onboarding speed with Geofence-specific messages and questionnaires administered to patients’ phones. Additionally, Geofences provide a top-down, real-time overview of the immediate vicinity, making navigation easier for staff and patients. The wealth of data Geofences provide will provide valuable insights into the performance, processes, and flow of your organization’s healthcare service. Identify which areas and assets of your premises see the greatest level of engagement to better understand utilization rates. Analyze traffic patterns to identify potential bottlenecks, fire hazards, or efficiency concerns. Improved messaging effectiveness will ensure patients are in the right location and provisioned with the appropriate level of care through questionnaires and mapping capabilities, providing a more streamlines healthcare service.

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